• Glen Moroney Scenic
  • Michelle Black Scenic
  • Anna Wolfsteiner Scenic
  • Simon Le Couteur CoLab
  • Jane Davies CoLab
  • John Kwiecinski CoLab
  • Adam Trunk CoLab
  • Chris Thomas CoLab
  • Scott Walker CoLab
  • Jeff Crabtree CoLab


  • Strategy & concept
  • Identity design
  • Digital & print design
  • Digital UX/UI & microsite
  • Advertising & content
  • Product design
  • Events & experiences
  • Culture & training
  • Toolkits & guides

In a 12 month program, Collaborateur transformed a product-centric business into a global luxury lifestyle brand. From the owner/founder through to the 1,200 staff across seven continents, we embedded a sophisticated and contemporary design across every touchpoint.

Product company
to a lifestyle brand

Stamp of authority

In recasting a holiday into a life experience through ‘Never lose your sense of wonder’, Collaborateur reframed the entire concept of the Scenic experience for staff and customers, building an authority and ownership in a highly competitive market.